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Please note: If you are submitting a query regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine service, please ensure your first port of contact is the ATOS Support Desk by emailing: vaccineservicedesk@england.nhs.uk
Any tickets regarding this service that are sent directly to Pinnacle will not be attended to.

For support or suggestions, questions or problems, click here to send a message to the Outcomes4Health team.

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For support or suggestions, questions or problems please send us a message using the form below - we'll get back to you as soon as we can with an answer, usually within the same day. Remember to check any spam folder you may have for a response.

Please note: If you are submitting a query regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine service, please ensure your first port of contact is the ATOS Support Desk by emailing vaccineservicedesk@england.nhs.uk Any tickets regarding this service that are sent directly to Pinnacle will not be attended to. For any other queries, please continue with the form below.

Do not include Patient Identifiable data in your message to our helpdesk. Helpdesk uses normal email which is not a secure communication method.

Your login name, Pharmacy F-code, ODS code or Store number as appropriate
The name of your Pharmacy, Surgery or Commissioning Group as appropriate
After submitting a message, please do check your email for any response, as we may need clarification, or may not be able to reach you by telephone immediately.Responses will come from "Pinnacle Health Helpdesk", and you may need to check that responses are not hiding in a "junk" or "spam" folder in your email system.

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